Conference publications


Participants of ECLIM are invited to submit manuscripts related to the topic they presented to Laser and Particle Beams.


The manuscripts have to address a topic that is covered by LPB. Submitted papers will be treated as regular research papers. Authors should note that they have presented this topic at ECLIM (Invited, Oral, Poster). There is no page restriction, however, manuscripts of 4 printed pages or less should be sent elsewhere. The editor will try to group as many ECLIM papers into one issue as possible. It is expected that the review process will be fast since ECLIM participants will be involved in the review process.


Authors should submit through the Web-submission system at:

Moreover, please sent a short notice of submission of an ECLIM related paper at:

LPB-editor@skmail.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt. Subject Line: ECLIM 2012.


LPB Editor:

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c./RUS Dieter H.H. Hoffmann,

Technical University Darmstadt, Nuclear Physics Institute, Radiation and Nuclear Physics Department, Darmstadt, Germany


LPB 2010 Impact Factor: 3.656