Invited Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Hiroshi AZECHI (ILE, Osaka, Japan) - Present status of fast ignition realization experiment (FIREX) and Inertial Fusion Energy development.

Jan BADZIAK (IPPLM, Warsaw, Poland) - Laser-induced cavity pressure acceleration of dense plasma and ion beams

Dimitri BATANI (CELIA, Bordeaux, France) - Preliminary results and scientific roadmap to direct– drive shock ignition on European laser facilities and LMJ

John COLLIER (CLF, Didcot, UK) - Developments in high peak and high average power technology and systems at RAL

Thomas COWAN (HZDR, Dresden, Germany) - Application of laser-accelerated ions in radiation oncology

Chris EDWARDS (CLF, Didcot, UK) – Prospects for laser fusion energy

Shalom ELIEZER (INF, Madrid, Spain) - Heat wave fast ignition by relativistic acceleration of a foil 

Sergey Yu. GUSKOV (LPI, Moscow, Russia) – Non-cryogenic ICF targets

Christian GUTT (DESY, Hamburg, Germany) - Coherent X-ray Holography at XFELs

Hans HERTZ (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden) - Laboratory micro- and nano-imaging with liquid-jet x-ray source

Karol JANULEWICZ (GIST, Gwangju, Korea) - Energy deposition in embedded nanostructures

Dino JAROSZYNSKI (SUPA, Glasgow, UK) - Plasma as an amplifying and accelerating medium: a new paradigm

Milan KALAL (CVUT, Prague, Czech Republic) - Principles of complex interferometry and its applications in laser-matter interactions

Tetsuya KAWACHI (JAEA, Kizu, Japan) - Source development and the applications of laser – driven plasma X-ray laser in JAEA

Elena R. KORESHEVA (LPI, Moscow, Russia)- IFE targets high rep-rate production and delivery using the  FST technologies

Ferenc KRAUSZ (MPQ, Garching, Germany) - Attosecond physics: the first decade

Christine LABAUNE (LULI, Palaiseau, France) - Laser-plasma interaction physics in advanced ignition schemes for ICF

Kunioki MIMA (IFN, Madrid, Spain) - Target physics of fast ignition

Gerard MOUROU (IZEST, Palaiseau, France) - Extreme light: laser-based particle physics paradigm

Chang Hee NAM (KAIST, Daejon, Korea) - Investigation of ultrafast photoionization dynamics with attosecond high-harmonic pulses

Eduardo OLIVA (LOA, Palaiseau, France) - GW peak power plasma-based soft x-ray laser

Jose Manuel PERLADO (UPM, Madrid, Spain) - HiPER design and technologies

Wolfgang SANDNER (MBI, Berlin, Germany) - Science with high power lasers in Europe 

Luís O. SILVA (IST, Lisbon, Portugal) - Collisionless shocks driven by ultra intense lasers

Erik STORM (LLNL, Livermore, USA) - The National Ignition Campaign: Status and Progress

Cedric THAURY (LOA, Palaiseau, France) – Overview of laser-plasma electron accelerators

Justin WARK (Univ. Oxford, Oxford, UK) - Shock and High Pressure studies at XFELs

Tae Jun YU (GIST, Gwangju, Korea) - High-contrast, 30 fs, 1.5 PW Ti:sapphire laser system for the research on high field Physics

Arie ZIGLER (Hebrev Univ., Jeruzalem, Israel) - Microstructured snow target for quasi-monochromatic high energy proton acceleration by ultra relativistic laser plasma interaction